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Hi, I’m Candace- the owner and editor of Tower Hamlets Mums

I am a mother of one very special 4-year-old boy. You might see us around, me with my big glasses and him with his short stature and cheeky attitude.  Tower Hamlets Mums is not just about helping parents find out about all the great things this borough has to offer but also about raising awareness of things that affect local families. Nursery closures, cuts to SEND funding, school cuts and more.

Another reason I run Tower Hamlets Mums is to decrease some of the stigma surrounding my son’s dwarfism. 1 in 40,000 children born have dwarfism, so we’re pretty lucky to have it touch our lives and totally open our minds to a brand new world. If you see us please know that curiosity in children is never a bad thing. I know it is embarassing and kids will say the darndest things, my son included. But please never shhh them (this sends a message that it is something bad and not to be talked about), perhaps let them know that it is rude to point and that my son is not a baby, just little. If they have questions we are happy to answer them. Hope you will say hello if you see us out and about. Our insta feed is full of our day to day life in the borough if you are interested to get to know us better.

Running Tower Hamlets Mums is an incredibly busy endeavour! Researching the best and keeping it all up to date with regular features and engaging social media posts is fairly nonstop. Updating the calendar with all the events there are for local families is a Labour of Love. I have help from a couple of mums, Sarah & Robbie, from the borough who help me when it all gets too much. If you would like to volunteer your time I would love to meet you. Tower Hamlets is a big borough and I want this resource to be the best it can be.

I am also open to written contributions from local parents and community groups as long as the content is in keeping with Tower Hamlets Mums. We currently have a regular Tower Hamlets Dad contributor who offers his perspective. We believe that dads are not babysitters or helpers but 50/50 partners in the co-production of a well-developed child. Other carers, foster parents, adoptive parents and grandparents are welcome too.

Remember to keep visiting as there is always fresh information on site with everything from tips on childcare and classes to roundups of East London’s best monthly activities. Tower Hamlets Mums is also a membership scheme with some great offers just for THMs Family Card including 2 for 1 cinema tickets, free glasses of prosecco and 50% off massages!

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Get In Touch

If you have an event, business or baby class that you need help promoting please email: candace@towerhamletsmums.com We can send you a media kit that tells you all about becoming a THMs Partner.

We also like to support small local charities that support, mothers, children or families. Please submit your press release in a word document or 200 words about your group, an image and any social media handles and we’ll do our best to get you listed on our Community Page and help to get the word out. Be patient though as it all takes a bit of work to put together.

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