A design your own hot donut shop has opened in Hackney’s Netil Fields.

Treats Club Dessert Bar

After searching for an East London site for over a year, owner Lungi has settled on Treats Club’s first permanent site when they open at Netil Market in Hackney on Saturday 25th July.

Get ready for hot donuts and hot donut sundaes, plus ice cream bars, moreish milkshakes and a secret menu of design your own treats, plus their gourmet marshmallow fluff!

The Design Your Own Donut Bar will be a London first where big kids and small can choose their fave glazes, and toppings to create their own customised donuts.

Treats Club Dessert Bar – Further Information

Address: Netil Market 12 – 23 Westgate St, Hackney, E8 3RL

Opening Hours: Sat & Sun 12 -6pm every week

W: https://thetreatsclub.com/