Digital exclusion

Support TechInclusionUK ‘s Fight Against Digital Exclusion in Tower Hamlets 

TechInclusionUK is a social enterprise collaborating with the Tower Hamlets Education Partnership to tackle digital exclusion. They take disused technology from individuals and organisations, have them refurbished and distribute them to young people who need them. Giving children laptops, tablets or desktops who would otherwise have no access to a computer; bridging the divide between those who have access and those who do not.  By taking devices that individuals don’t use, they also help to reduce e-waste. 

The pandemic has meant children who are digitally excluded are susceptible to falling behind in their learning. A gap in attainment that puts unnecessary pressure on children. These devices help kids to level the playing field so they can get a more equal opportunity in education.

Can you help their community crowdfunding campaign?

They’re looking for donors to pledge their support for their Spacehive campaign. The campaign gives them a unique opportunity to raise awareness while engaging with the wider Tower Hamlets community. It will also help them to apply for grant funding to enable their vital work to continue.

No child should be left behind because they can’t access a computer. With your help, TechInclusionUK can purchase more refurbished devices to give more young people in education a better chance. We really hope that our community can help them to smash their fundraising target. Any additional funds raised will be used to help with connectivity across the borough.

Pledge your support today and make a difference in a young person’s life. Giving every child an equal opportunity ensures the best and brightest future for our borough. Definitely a worthwhile investment!