Claire Murdoch – head teacher at Faraday Prep School gives her top tips for home schooling to help reduce stress, give your children more responsibility for their learning and help them to achieve their best.

How to Home School Like a Pro:

  1. Get into SCHOOL MODE: Get up and dressed at your usual time, so you are ready for the day ahead
  2. ROUTINE is key: Your teachers and friends will appreciate you being on time – It’s no fun being late!
  3. A PLACE to BE: Set up your desk and include your favourite pens, stickers and toys
  4. Have an ‘I’m stuck’ ACTION PLAN: You need something quiet to do if your parents are busy and you need to wait for their help. Decide whether you will read, draw, write a journal, or play an online maths or spelling game
  5. Take a BREAK: Remember to step away from the computer at break time – get up, have a snack and move around
  6. RELAX & RECHARGE in your free time! Be creative and do what you love to do
  7. Be KIND to your family and help around the house. It will spread happiness in your home
  8. EFFORT IS EVERYTHING – it won’t be easy at first, but you will get there and it will get easier every day
  9. SHARE YOUR SUCCESSES – your friends and teachers love to hear how you are getting on so tell them!

About Claire Murdoch, Head at Faraday Prep School

Claire has been a teacher in prep schools for 13 years. She moved from Hampstead to East London in 2018 to join Faraday Prep. She has a background in psychology, so places a strong emphasis on personal development and wellbeing in education and she has a life-long passion for and enjoyment of the arts.

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