Give Birth Without Fear is a technique which divulges the tools needed to unlock the confidence and empowerment to have an emotionally safe birth.

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During this time of uncertainty it is crucial to have coping and handling mechanisms at your disposal for giving birth. 

The Birth Without Fear method will help the birthing woman and her chosen birth partner to cope and handle the whole of the birthing process and any point along the way where fear or anxiety may set in; early labour, induction of labour, active labour or when interventions are necessary.

The aim of this highly effective method is to maximise confidence in your body’s ability to give birth and to empower your birth partner to provide you with the support that you need. By simply using four effective and practical TOOLS you will both feel equipped and empowered to take on birth! This is crucial whether or not you choose to use pain relief.

This method is easy, accessible and doable and will most importantly MAKE SENSE to both of you.  More than 10,000 expectant parents have read the original book Give Birth Without Fear in Swedish and completed this successful and robustly evaluated birth preparation class since more than ten years.

Some level of fear or anxiety in anticipation of birth is NORMAL, even expected! This powerful method gives you an opportunity to know WHAT to do with that feeling and HOW to be the best team you can be in order to gear yourself towards a positive and loving birthing experience, TOGETHER.

These four tools are simply:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Sound
  • Power of the Mind

Each one is a key to unlocking what your body already knows deep inside in order to birth your baby. Holding them all together is the 5th element: The Support. These tools therefore give your birth partner the know-how in order to guide you confidently towards an emotionally safe birth.

FREE Online Courses for the Give Birth Without Fear method

Emilie Wicks – UK Brand Ambassador of the Give Birth Without Fear method, is hosting free online courses in the method of the birth without fear method. You can also book an online course with founder Susanna Heli. Classes are 4 hours conducted on Zoom.

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