News from Poplar – Bartlett Park sensory playground is now open and the E5 Roasthouse is set to return on 31st October 2020.

If you are as local to Bartlett Park as we are, you may have been wondering if this playground was EVER going to be complete but THM’s is excited to confirm the brand new sensory playground is now open.

Bartlett Park is swiftly becoming a destination spot after extensive landscaping, the addition of a beautiful wildflower meadow, an outdoor exercise park, and picnic benches this summer.

The brand new playpark overlooking the canal is now (finally) open and complete with a climbing frame, a zip wire, a sandpit area, swings, a trampoline, and sensory play.

E5 Roasthouse – Set To Reopen 31st October 2020

We’re also excited to confirm that the adjacent e5 Roasthouse café in Poplar Union is set to reopen after renovations on 31st October.

You can currently pick up their E5 Bread, pastries, and in-house roasted coffee from the outside container next to the playpark. Wednesday – Sundays from 10am – 2pm.

We asked E5 Roasthouse what we can expect when they reopen and they told us:

“The Roasthouse will be transformed into a more functioning bakery, which will have a more open feel, so our customers can see how we make our products while they are being made. We will be baking our own bread and pastries and will also be selling more fresh products from dried beans to fresh vegetables. We will still be roasting our own E5 coffee in-house too and cooking our delicious meals. “

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