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Sukie’s Sing & Sign multi award-winning classes come highly recommended from parents in the know in East London. Fun, sensory and engaging, baby signing can also help your child communicate with you before they are able to speak. Signing can go a long way towards avoiding toddler melt downs as they often, quite understandably, get frustrated simply for not being understood.

Sing & Sign – What is Baby Signing?

What is baby signing? Babies use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk like pointing, waving and clapping. Encouraging your baby with extra signs like ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘change nappy’ or ‘tired’ will help them communicate the important stuff and leave you guessing less.

Benefits of Baby Signing

Apart from the obvious benefit of early communication, baby signing classes have a positive effect on early childhood development. Babies who sign often learn new vocabulary more easily and so develop speech quickly. Toddlers who have a wider vocabulary are often less stressed because they can communicate how they feel. A good vocabulary is one of the cornerstones of EYFS.

Sukie’s Sing & Sign classes are also a great way to bond with your baby who will be stimulated by all that attention, eye contact and singing (even if you haven’t got the Xfactor). This one to one time will help them build confidence and self-esteem and stimulate those rapidly developing brains.

Sing & Sign – How do the classes work?

The small sized classes (around 11 per class) are relaxed, fun and last roughly 50 minutes.

Classes are split into three stages*:

  • Sing and Sign Stage Babes (pre-stage 1) for 0 – 6 months. A gentle music and sensory class with a strong emphasis on communication.
  • Sing and Sign Stage 1 – from 6months +
  • Sing and Sign Stage 2 – from 14/16 months – 2 yrs

Babies are welcome to roam around the room if they want to – they will still be learning (you’d be surprised how much they can pick up whilst wandering). When Jessie Cat, the instruments or the prop bag appear they soon come back. Each sign is taught through an easy action-song.

Sing & Sign Booking


If you would like to try out a class to see if it’s right for you Sukie is running taster sessions at the following times and locations:

3rd of January at 11am Stage 1 and 12pm Sing and Sign Babes

St Paul’s Church, St Stephen’s Road, Bow E3 5JL

Spring Term – 10 sessions per term

Babes Wednesday 10th January 2018 12pm

Stage 1 11am Stage 2 10am Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th January 2018 St Pauls Old Ford Rd

Stage 1 11am Stage 2 10am Thursday 11th January 2018 St Marks Church Dalston

Stage 1 11am Stage 2 10am Friday 12th January 2018 Burrell’s Wharf Westferry
Half term 12th – 16th February (no classes)


Cost for the term is £93 for Sing & Sign Babes (includes Jessie Cat Song book) and £100 for Sing & Sign stage 1 and 2 (includes 1 year online membership) Due to limited numbers per class you will need to book and pay prior to term starting. (Early booking is advisable). Payment can be made via bank transfer. Payment details are emailed automatically once you have booked.

Sing & Sign – Further Information

Sing & Sign for Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Eltham and Woolwich

T: 07899 820205



Locations :

St Paul’s Church, St Stephen’s Road, Bow, E3 5JL

St Mark’s Church, Sandringham Road, Dalston, E8 2LL

Burrell’s Wharf, 242-262 Westferry Road, E14 3 TP


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  • We had so much fun at sing and sign today. We were shaking our hands and wiggling our fingers all the way home!