We caught up with Julie Daniels, editor of the brilliant local (and free) LoveEast magazine, to find out about her favourite Tower Hamlets spots and recommendations.

Q: Where do you live in Tower Hamlets?

I live just across the park in Hackney, so I’m a very close neighbour!

Q: What’s your favourite place to visit In Tower Hamlets?

There are so many favourites: St Margaret’s House, Wapping riverside, St Katherine Docks, The Isle of Dogs (I used to live there), Roman Road… the list is huge.

If I really had to pick just one place, it would be the walk or cycle ride down the canal to Limehouse Basin.

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Q: What’s your Favourite Tower Hamlets Green Space?

It has to be Victoria Park. It’s a place that has it’s foot in two boroughs (even though it’s officially Tower Hamlets) and it is so much part of who I am. I spend at least an hour a day in the park (I have a dog), and visit the Pavilion Cafe practically every time I’m in there.  It’s a beautiful green space, it’s where I meet my friends, make new ones, or go to be alone.

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Q: What’s Your Top Hidden Gem in Tower Hamlets?

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Q: Favourite Family-Friendly Restaurant? 

I love Bacaro in Roman Road

Q: Where did you get your inspiration to start LoveEast Magazine

I’m a journalist by trade. I missed the print industry after I left The Times in 2010 and felt there was a niche to be filled, so E9 Magazine (now LoveEast) was born.

Q: Where can we pick up a copy of LoveEast in TowerHamlets

Stockists include Fish House and The Empress on Lauriston Road, Broadway Market (most of the shops), Roman Road cafes and Victoria Pub on Grove Road.