As the trend for ‘virtual’ training grows – ideal if you have young children at home! – InstuctorLive gives you an innovative experience, from the comfort of your home, for just £5.99 a month (no contract or cancellation fees). Free yourself from the smell of stale sweat, machine-hoggers, over-crowded gym visits and the fear of looking uncoordinated in your dance class – all you need is an internet connection to take part.

InstructorLive has over 500 live and on-demand classes delivered by a variety of highly experienced professional instructors. There’s everything from wellbeing, including yoga, pilates and meditation, to high intensity interval training and cardio vascular workouts.

The sessions are streamed LIVE on, you can see the instructor but no-one can see you! The classes run in the morning and evenings Monday to Saturday. If you miss a session, all live classes are recorded and therefore available on demand, so you have access to continuously varying routines rather than a repetitive DVD sequence.

The live-streamed sessions enable you to engage with the instructor (perhaps to ask for advice on technique or for an alternative move) as well as others taking part. All you have to do is type any question you may have into the box on your screen and they will answer you in real time. You can also contact the Instructors through the site and ask them questions via their ‘walls’ on the website.

Designed specifically for home use, some of InstructorLive’s unique classes include:

Pre & Postnatal – For pre/postnatal women, this class will help you; prepare for labour, speed recovery, and give strength for carrying your baby whilst inevitably multi-tasking.
Yogabells – Combining the movements and postures of yoga with the weight and versatility of kettlebells for an all-over body workout designed to strengthen and sculpt your body.
Pyjama Pilates – You don’t even have to get out of your pjs for this! Join this class to help improve your posture, muscle tone and flexibility.
Beditation – Meditation without leaving the comfort of your bed! Decrease your stress levels and allow your body to recuperate as you take one step closer to a good night’s sleep.
Fit Club – Dance like no-one is watching! A dance fitness class where you not only lose your inhibitions, but also the pounds. The 8th and final rule of Fit Club – you HAVE to dance!
You can privately input your data (such as your height and weight) to assess how many calories you’re burning per class and the programme will also recommend classes depending on what you want to achieve and keeps track of your progress.

Why not give it a try!