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Tower Hamlets Council (specifically the Active Travel Team) are proposing a new cycle path as part of the Quietway6 proposal, which would cut straight through Meath Gardens. The ‘Quietway’ cycle scheme overseen by TfL is meant for less confident cyclists who can avoid larger roads. The problem is there have already been incidents of children getting hurt due to cyclists in the park. One collision with a careless cyclists led to a 7 year old girl breaking her leg and having to spend 3 days in hospital.

There are also currently youths using the paths already there to speed about on motorcycles and scooters. The Quietway6 proposal is  stalling already agreed plans to install chicanes to prevent motorbikes from accessing Meath Gardens.

I’m a cyclist myself and I want cyclists to feel safe to ride but children need a place to play safely too. This petition is NOT anti-cycle and it is NOT anti-Quietway. There are a number of alternatives for this small part of the proposed route the Council hasn’t investigated. This petition serves to urge them to do so and avoid making Meath Gardens a thoroughfare. The council has suggested safeguarding measures such as rumble strips to slow down cyclists but rumble strips will have a detrimental effect on children riding scooters, buggies and prams.

Despite the support of our Ward Councillors, Amy Whitelock-Gibbs and Sirajul Islam and the Tower Hamlets Parks Team, the Active Travel Team within the Council have not been very responsive to our concerns and have only offered two weeks to many residents to respond to the Consultation.

While creating quiet paths for cyclists is commendable, we urge TfL and Tower Hamlets Council to use one of the many alternatives available and avoid Meath Gardens so that local children have a safer environment to play in.



Stop the plan to build 4 concrete & asphalt factories next to Olympic Park

Save our kids – Parents we need you.
Dirty faces and dusty lungs will once again return to the East End if we don’t act now. Just as we’d started enjoying the benefits of post Olympics green spaces, the LLDC are reviewing plans to build what could be the largest concrete factory right on our doorstep in Bow.

If the LLDC approve plans to build three concrete factories and a potential forth asphalt factory, directly next to the Olympic Park our families health will be at serious risk.

Some of the most polluted schools in England are in East London. The EU and World Health Organisation limit for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is 40mcg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre). 66 Tower Hamlets schools are already above this and it’s our kids in the danger zone. Should these plans go ahead, 900 Heavy Goods Vehicles will chug past our schools and homes, leaving clouds of asthma breeding grounds in their trail, in our community. The applications also tell us that these factories will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throwing tiny cancer particles into the air, all to create just 20 jobs.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London has already turned a blind eye so we need your help to put a stop to this and save our children. Please sign the petition, share it with your friends and write an objection top your local MP Rushanara Ali, copying in her office member Alice Prescott.

Contributed by local mum: Emma Critchley.


Sign the petition to stop Extended Parking restrictions coming into affect in Victoria Park 

Please help us keep lovely Victoria Park village just the way it is. The council are planning on bringing in all day parking restrictions. All day parking restrictions will effect the local independent shops hugely. Please sign up if you would like to support the cause. (this link is a short-code link to the petition)


A message from Councilor Joshua Peck regarding the V&A Playground Fence

In response to a campaign in 2012, the council has finally put a fence round the V&A playground on Grove Road and it’s much improved. However, they dragged their heels on the much bigger Pools Playground in the west of the Park and have only just installed a fence around a small part of it. This fence is made of wire with very large holes, big enough for dogs and small children to get through. I wondered what local parents thought about this as if there is support for a push-back to the council, I’ll do it and try to get the situation improved by the summer. If anyone has any views about this, please email Joshua.peck@towerhamlets. as he would be happy to push for further improvements if there is local interest.


Help Save Stepney City Farm

Stepney Farm urgently needs to raise 15,000 to continue offering their services. They have set up a crowd-funding scheme so if you think you can donate anything no matter how small go to: http://www.