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New events series: East Sleep Repeat

On 25th January 2018, East Sleep Repeat launches with the first of a new events series for parents with babies in east London.

Hackney-based Sarah Bruegger, a new mum on mat leave herself, wished there were more ways to connect with like-minded parents. Sarah came up with the idea of bringing mums and dads together for lunches, seminars and workshops at convenient times in baby-friendly locations: East Sleep Repeat was born.

At East Sleep Repeat events, parents can flex their intellectual and creative muscles while getting to know people who share similar interests – a welcome, if temporary, break from The Wheels on the Bus!

East Sleep Repeat: Declutter

The first event for parents takes place at East London Liquor Company’s restaurant. Professional declutterer and organiser Hannah Ashwell-Dickinson will be talking about how we, as parents, can better keep the clutter under control at home. All parents are welcome and those with pre-walking babies can bring them along to the event.

Hannah, who is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and herself a mother of two, will give tips on:

  • capsule wardrobes – for both parents and their children
  • how to get family onboard with clutter-free living
  • practical ways to move forward with a less cluttered life.

Made popular by the likes of Japanese decluttering consultant and author Marie Kondo and authors, filmmakers and podcasters The Minimalists, the idea that we can live better lives with fewer things is one that appeals to many. But time-poor parents often find themselves seduced by the latest gadget, bombarded with gifts or weighed down by washing.

It can be tricky to make decisions: what to keep and what to sell, donate or throw away. It’s only when we consider the time it takes to store, maintain and tidy that we begin to see the burden that too much stuff can become on our lives and how delaying these decisions can hold us back.

With benefits including more time to spend with friends and family, reduced waste and an improvement in wellbeing, why not make 2018 the year you start living a simpler life?

About the speaker – Hannah Ashwell-Dickinson

Further information

Where: East London Liquor Company (restaurant): Unit GF1, 221 Grove Road, London, E3 5SN.

When: 25 January 2018, 1pm start

W: https://www.eastsleeprepeat.co.uk

Tickets: Early bird: £25, General admission: £30. All tickets include a pizza and a non-alcoholic refreshment.


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