Ministry of Christmas

A lot of people think that Santa’s head office is in the North Pole but it’s a closely guarded secret that since 1849, when Prince Albert brought the first Christmas Trees to England, Santa decided to relocate. Yep, that Jolly Old Man thought East London’s Ragged School was the perfect place for HQ. Ever since and especially at Christmas, this little Victorian School has been the most important place on Earth, The Ministry of Christmas.

Normally this is all very hush hush as we’re sure you’ll understand but this year they need help! With a shortage of magic Santa is recruiting now to help conjure-up more in time for Christmas Eve. Come to the Ministry of Christmas‘ secret hideaway inside the Ragged School Museum and learn how to be a Santa’s Helper.

Father Christmas needs YOU!

Visitors of all ages will not only help the Elves prepare for Christmas but in traditional surroundings packed with fun activities, they will also meet the real Santa.

I know this is all pretty hard to believe but if there is anyone who can enchant and entertain your children it’s the Ministry of Fun. They started Santa School in 1999 and provide fully-trained, totally magical Father Christmas and Elf performers wherever they are called upon. They are all completely convinced that they’re helping the real Santa out on those very, very rare occasions that he cannot be in two places at once.

Further Information

Location: Ragged School Museum, 50 Copperfield Rd, London E3 4RR, UK

Dates: 25th November – 24th December 2017, 9.00am, 10.45am, 12.30pm, 2.15pm, 4pm, 5.30pm


*Tickets cost £22.50 per child and include a traditional gift (adults & babies visit for free – please see FAQ for full details).


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