This Christmas we’re promoting mothers who are finding a way to juggle their time amongst all the kiddy chaos to design, make and sell beautiful unique things. We want to share with you the challenges these mums face, how they get over them and what makes it all worthwhile.

One of the first things any business must do is test the market to find the right product offer and a customer base who loves what you do. A great place to do that is in a market with small initial outlay and lots of face to face interaction with customers.

Meet the maker mums is all about being inspired by other mothers, shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Even if you have no desire to start your own business we’re certain you’ll love what they do.

WaterFloral MockUp

Ilka Dickens -Dickens Ink

A Tower Hamlets mum who made her own way after the birth of her 2 children. Her design inspirations come from her favourite decades the 50s and 20s, her children and from this fabulous city we call home.

Read more about Ilka Dickens


Julia Redgrove – Jules Etc

Jules Etc began within the local markets of East London in 2012. 4 years after abandoning her marketing career to devote more time to her family and pursue a passion for making jewellery she is now co-director of Urban Makers East. 

Read more about Julia Redgrove

Erin Plant – Too Many PJs

A textile artist for 10 years working with brands like Alexander McQueen and Rouland Mouret, Erin Plant started her own brand Too Many PJs after having her first child.

Read more about Erin Plant


Jennifer Dobbie and Lucy Peltier – Two Crafty Brownies

After a few years and many cups of tea Jennifer Dobbie and Lucy Peltier teamed up to create Two Crafty Brownies, a creative lifestyle blog about crafting, homemaking and finding beauty in the city and beyond. Then they started making beautiful things to sell..

Read more about Jennifer Dobbie and Lucy Peltier


Nadien Klages

Nadien started her brand with the idea to make something from their family’s old clothes. Clothing that was too full of memories to throw away. This evolved into a service turning parent’s clothes into new clothing for their children. She now has a ready to wear collection of upcycled rucksacks and hand dyed cork accessories.

Read more about Nadien Klages

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